If not, there is a sign to tell when it’s time to clean the bird feeder, a foul odor! This unpleasant smell comes from bird feces and moldy seeds. If not properly clean, these problems will attract unwanted creatures that might spread disease too like rats or mice.

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  • With this in mind, place feeders near a favorite window and within 10 feet of protective cover, such as trees and shrubs.
  • Squirrel Baffles prevent squirrels from pinching bird feed.
  • The material is sturdy and weatherproof; it can endure the seasons all year round, which is an important aspect of bird feeders.
  • For bird watchers, a window mounted bird feeder is likely the best choice.

The H Potter Top Fill Bird Feeder measures 9″ x 14″ and has a hanger to hang it from. The whole point of food dehydrator selecting a window bird feeder rather than another style is to see the birds as the frolic right in front of you during meal time. A few of the popular products offer total clarity of view, with all panels made of glass, plastic or acrylic. You can attach it securely to the window with strong suction cups and place bird food and water. Bird feeders with removable trays are a wee bit expensive as compared to the ones with partially retractable or non-removable trays.

How To Care For Your Feeder

However, there is no real way to prove this, all I know is I have more finches when I hang yellow feeders. Droll Yankees feeders feature a narrow tube so sometimes it can be difficult to wash out the seeds stuck in the bottom. You can easily solve this issue by using Feeder Fresh which absorbs any water that finds its way into the feeder. In wet conditions, thistle feed absorbs water and grows moldy.

Diy Upcycled Tin Can Bird Feeder

A lovely bird feeder is already part of your backyard or garden. This DIY bird feeder is the best of all DIY bird feeder plans. The complete guide and tutorial of the ice cream cone bird feeder are here in the link below. Now just flip the saucer side over and add a copper coupling with the stop. Make it sit on a long copper pipe length fixed in the garden ground and start using it as a bird feeder. Complete tutorial and details of the vintage teacup bird feeder are here in the link below.

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The red colour and 4 cute flower-styled soft feeding ports dotted around the base help to attract hummingbirds, while the wide-mouthed glass tube holds a good 10 ounces of nectar. Use this style to attract a wide variety of ground feeding birds like robins, blackbirds, bluebirds, cardinals, doves, orioles, towhees, and thrushes. Offer favorites like suet, bits of fruit, black oil sunflower seeds, mealworms, shelled nuts, and seed mixtures. Yes, they are more expensive, but I find them to be higher quality. The plastic is thicker and overall everything seems a little more sturdy than the cheaper versions.

Feeding wild birds is one of the simple pleasures in life. Not only do the birds benefit hugely from the extra nutritional support, but they are also lovely creatures to watch. Spending a few minutes each day watching them flit to and from a window feeder is a great way to relax as well as learn a little more of our delightful wildlife. The role of a bird feeder pole is more than just protecting your feathered friend from squirrels, raccoons, and other animals that tend to hurt them. Some are rust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the paint or color of the pole gradually peeling.

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Some garden birds are creatures of habit, and though their keen eyesight will notice a new feeder, it may take a while before they check it out. Plenty of fresh food will soon attract them and hopefully, they will make many return visits. The feeding tube itself is sat inside a metal frame, the gaps of which are just wide enough to allow birds through, not squirrels! He can smell the food, he might even attempt to jump on the cage, but it is strong and secure enough to leave him frustrated in his quest. On the Porch or Deck – Hanging a feeder here will not result in a ton of birds simply because the close proximity to the house and humans can scare them away.